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21 May - 20 July 2013
exhibition and research project




displays - a collaboration between Point Centre for Contemporary Art, the Cultural Services and the State Gallery - is an exhibition and research project the main objective of which is to encourage access, new research and creative engagement around the Cypriot State Collection of Contemporary Art and its archives. Twenty-seven experts from a great variety of fields choose an artwork from the Collection to be displayed at Point and to be reconsidered through presentations, discussions and creative happenings. The chosen artworks are gradually brought together at Point to form a non-curated group exhibition.

Andreas Vrahimis, Marina Yerali, Theodoulos Gregoriou, Zelia Gregoriou, Konstantina Zanou, Gloria Kassianidou, Christina Lambrou, Eleni Loizidou, Joanna Louka, Costas Mantzalos, Eleni Nikita, Anna Nicolaou, Christodoulos Panayiotou, George Papageorgiou, Elena Parpa, Despo Pashia, Polys Peslikas, Ursula Savvopoulou, Rita Severi, Chara Stephanou, Theopisti Stylianou- Lambert, Marina Schiza, Yiannis Toumazis, Evi Tselika, Alkis Hadjiandreou,  Christos Hadjichristos,  Natalie Heller.

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