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Point Centre for Contemporary Art


The creation of an art space that hosts Point Centre for Contemporary Art is the result of prior engagement with contemporary cultural production in Cyprus and internationally. Part of this lies in the conception, in 2007, of UNDO, a critical journal in the arts and humanities. The journal gradually grew into the UNDO Foundation, formed in collaboration with Kunstlerhaus Bethanien. The collaboration involved offering grants and residencies to Cypriot artists. A need thus emerged for a space in which the work produced by these artists could be shared.
Here, the seeds of Point slowly began taking root.

Mission Statement

Based in a space located at a nodal point between the old city of Nicosia and its declining “modern” commercial centre, Point Centre for Contemporary Art is a non-profit organisation involved in the creative support and promotion of various fields of contemporary cultural production. It aims towards fostering a multi-disciplinary engagement with new tendencies in all aspects of the arts, architecture, film, music and sound, performance, discourse and thought, as well as developing a critical dialogue that revolves around these. Its international commissions focus on the main part on works that involve a relation Point’s Eastern Mediterranean context, and which bring forth meaningful interactions with this locale. Point hosts a library, and its research department leads to the organisation of seminars, workshops, lectures, screenings, educational programmes, and other events, as well as the issuing of relevant publications.


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