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A series of events, workshops, performances and interventions organised within the framework of the Draftsmen's Congress: Life Zone - Life Point project.
Bank of No
Monday, 1 February 2016
7:30 PM, at Leventis Gallery:
Lecture and discussion about new artistic practices related to politics and activism from the streets to art galleries
& Pawel Althamer on the Life Zone concept.
10:00 PM, at Point Centre for Contemporary Art
Dance Party featuring an elixir from sounds of Goa, Santiago and Berlin and improvised spoken word in a visual installation.

Deep within the cold night of Cypriot Austerity stands a bank.

In front of this former headquarters of the financial crisis, now without visible brand or logo, a strange sculpture emerges from the ground. This is the debt spiral: its sharp point pierces the air. The 2013 crisis in Cyprus represents only one point of a new politics of inequality, which can be seen across the globe.

Bank of No is a rebranding initiative for the banking crisis. We, a working group of artists from several countries, connect our political conditions to Cyprus, and propose a panoramic view. Against capitalistic envy we introduce the evil eye for protection and solidarity. Bank of No ends when the eye closes and we dance…

Project by : Noah Fischer , Raúl Hott, Joulia Strauss , Csaba Nemes ,Nurtane Karagil , twenty three.
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