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Rosa Barba, Inside the Outset: Evoking a Space of Passage, 2021
16mm film transferred to digital, sound, 31:15 min and Open-air cinema sculpture, United Nations Buffer Zone, Deryneia, Cyprus. Courtesy the artist and Point Centre for Contemporary Art, Nicosia
Photo: Mizuki Kin © Rosa Barba

Rosa Barba

Inside the Outset: Evoking a Space of Passage, 2021

Inside the Outset: Evoking a Space of Passage is a project by artist and filmmaker Rosa Barba following an invitation by Point Centre for Contemporary Art in Nicosia and curator Mirjam Varadinis to propose and realize a project in Cyprus.

The work proposed by the artist in 2013, started in 2014 and consists of two parts: a film and a long-term open-air cinema installation. The project was then presented to the Italian Council and received the first prize at the international competition (Third Edition) in 2018, and was awarded a grant from DGAAP (Directorate General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries), Italy.

Barba’s film is exclusively shot in Cyprus, including underwater shots of the Mazotos shipwreck, as well as aerial shots from archaeological sites. It is an investigation into the loaded, transforming topography that is already palpable in the landscape, before we actually understand what language it creates for our society. In that, the film follows Barba’s artistic approach to examine liminal states which manifest in between contested spaces, both mentally and geographically, in order to allow for a new perspective. The

inaugural screening took place in Autumn 2021 at the open-air cinema installation in the Buffer Zone.



Andre Zivanari, Founding Director

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