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Art-official Designs: Regulating Artistic Expression and Practice
with Zelia Gregoriou & Stavros Karayanni
Friday, May 23rd | 19:00
Point Centre for Contemporary Art.
Zelia Gregoriou's talk will focus on the queer aesthetics of urban space, of the encounter, and of the relationship between a work of art and the viewer, taking the work of Cypriot painter Andreas Karayian as a starting point.

Stavros Karayanni's presentation "Tactile Affect, Proscribed Longing: Art, Memory, Embodiment" combines creative and critical work in an attempt to explore questions that arise when artistic expression meets censure. The attention is on performance art, following its transit in the passages of memory and tracing its effects on the embodiment of gender and sensibility.

The event picks up from Point Centre's "displays project" (2013).
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